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IGW – English

About Us:about IGW

IGW, specializes in Open source web development and has over 8 years of vast experience in the Internet industry.

IGW specializes in developing advanced WordPress websites and Magento ecommerce, also online marketing.

IGW provides creative solutions at the highest standards for internet technology and business digital media.

We focus our work on user interface and experience that are useful, easy to navigate, friendly and esthetically pleasing. We develop websites to be compatible with the latest technology available and provide unique web optimization in all search engines as part of our costumer service.

Among our costumers are worldwide corporations, authorities, institutions and many more…

Why Us?

Simple as it gets:

– Personal treatment – Full support until getting the first customers.

– Fair prices – Large range of prices for every budget; may pay in installments.

– Graphic Design at the highest level- Refreshing, innovative, welcoming and convincing.

– Quick execution of website – For fast uploading to the net.

– Content filing assistance – Preparing the text, images etc.

– All the accompanied services in one spot – Photography, video, graphics, sound, creative and more.

– High speed hosting – So your customer can enjoy a safe and fast browsing of your website.

– W3C Standard association stamp – Building the website using a code conforming to the standard for optimization with different search engines and web browsers.

– The website is yours! – Full access to your files, transferring and backup to any type of storage desired.

We would love to answer any question and provide more information.


Creating a website requires an integration of different types of technology. In order to create a successful, high quality website, it is essential for those technologies to go hand in hand to operate efficiently. The result of it allows you to track your costumer in a creative and interactive way. It also saves you time in searching for a costumer or specific information.

In our studio we deal with all the different internet technologies that are available. By having all the tools under one roof, we save you time running between one professional and another.

– Website development.

– Web Design.

-Interactive banners.

– Electronic commerce (Online store)

– Archive website.

– internet advertising (PPC)

– Accessibility development

Website Developing Process

Your website reflects the character of your business and its quality. The potential costumer entering your website expects to find certain information in a minimum amount of time. For small business, having a website is a great boost in marketing and efficiency. Most customers would rather sit in the comfort of their own home and look for the information they need online as yellow pages rather than go out and physically search for information. Using the online search engine tools or just browsing around became part of our everyday life as it is easy, accessible and in reach 24/7.

Also, a website creates a sense of availability at all times towards the potential customer as he can contact you directly through the website. One of the many advantages of a dynamic website is you as a business are able to give service/sell your product right in the customers’ living room. Just think of the time saved here on all sides.

The Network Advantages

Imagine having the ability to perfectly give service and present your product to your customer time and again in the most efficient way possible without making any mistakes or forgetting any details. Furthermore, having this information accessible worldwide and at any minute of the day shows the marketing power of investing in a website. The internet has become the most common media tool and is an inseparable part of the business world. From a startup freelancer to a mega corporation the importance of a website equals that of a business card. More than that, not having a website might result in a certain lack of trust from the customer as it is so obvious these days that every business has a website. For small business, a website can greatly benefit your marketing power and make your business much more efficient.

The potential customer prefers sitting at home looking for a certain business or information online instead of putting in more effort such as looking in the phone book and then calling the business. Going straight to the business’ website or searching for a business in a search engine became something we do everyday. It is easy and accessible 24 hours a day. Also a website gives the customer a sense of continuous availability as it provides direct access to the business or service.

Dynamic websites let you sell your product which saves you and your customer a lot of time. A website can connect to all people at all ages all over the globe. It is the best way for distributional advertising at a very low cost. In other words, your business is presented in the best way it could be 24/7, all over the world.

Pricing a Website

A website does not have a fixed price tag on it. Pricing a website is a calculation of the technology used and the amount of content the website must hold and present. There is a wide range of prices in which a website can be developed. Small budget solutions are available such as minimal content or single page website. With a higher budget the sky is the limit in terms of the design and content the website can offer. The process of pricing is determined according to the amount of pages, galleries, languages, website preface, dynamic content, technology, etc.

With pricing a website, essential annual maintenance operations include server hosting and a domain signed under your name. The cost of the above is usually fairly cheap and affordable.

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